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Signers list computation in Certificates

· One min read

The way the Signers list is computed inside a Certificate on the Mithril Aggregator is changing

PR: Implement filtered Signers in Certificate #494

Issue: Record 'contributing' Signers only in Certificate #495

Before this change, the list of Signers displayed in the Certificate detail of the Mithril Explorer was the list of all eligible Signers of the epoch used for signing (those who have successfully registered with the Mithril Aggregator 2 epochs earlier).

Now that this change has been merged, the list of Signers displayed will only include the contributing Signers, which means only those who have successfully sent individual signatures.

Note that the already existing Certificates will not be updated as this would break the Certificate Chain and therefore would involve the bootstraping of a new Genesis Certificate.

This change is transparent to the Signer nodes runned by the SPOs and does not require any specific action from them.

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