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Mithril signer service new configuration

· One min read

PR: Fix signer service recommended configuration #1419

Issue: Fix signer node service setup #1404

The previous recommended configuration proposed a service restart frequency which was too high. When the service was restarted, and if the Cardano node was not ready yet, the service tried to restart too many times in a short period: thus the service just failed and the service had to be started manually after the Cardano node is up and ready. This lead to some SPOs skipping registrations for some epochs.

The duration before restarting the service is increased to 60s: RestartSec=60.

Below is the new recommended configuration:

Description=Mithril signer service

ExecStart=/opt/mithril/mithril-signer -vvv


We highly recommend to update your existing configuration file (/etc/systemd/system/mithril-signer.service) with the values specified in the guide

⚠️ Following this modification, the service needs to be restarted with the following command:

sudo systemctl restart mithril-signer

Feel free to reach out to us on the Discord channel for questions and/or help.