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Mithril client CLI 'snapshot' command is removed

· One min read
Mithril Team

The 'snapshot' command of the client CLI is removed

With the release of the new distribution 2423, we have removed the snapshot command of the client CLI.

The snapshot command has been superseded by the cardano-db snapshot command.

The snapshot command has been deprecated with the release 2412, and this has been announced in this post.

In order to proceed to the upgrade, install the latest stable client CLI, and replace the removed command with the new command, e.g.:

mithril-client -vvv snapshot download latest --json

Should be replaced with

mithril-client -vvv cardano-db snapshot download latest --json

The documentation of the client CLI has been updated accordingly and can be found here.

For any inquiries or assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to the team on the Discord channel.