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Mithril Era Switch

· 2 min read
Mithril Team

Update 2023/03/10: The Era Switch behavior has been activated on the release-preprod network.

Update 2023/03/08: The Era Switch behavior has been activated on the pre-release-preview network.

An new Era Switch behavior will be introduced soon to the Mithril networks

Epic: Implement eras behavior switch #707](Implement eras behavior switch #707

⚠️ The Era Switch is not deployed yet to the pre-release-preview and release-preprod network. A special announcement will be made on the ask-mithril Discord channel when a new release candidate distribution is ready.

In order to guarantee that any breaking change of the Mithril nodes does not break the Certificate Chain and the that new snapshots are consistently produced, the Mithril team has developped an Era Switch Behavior. This mechanism enables to embed new features in the signer and aggregator nodes prior ro releasing them. Also the activation of these new features will take place in a coordinated manner: all the eligible nodes will hot switch to a new era at the same Cardano epoch transition. To do so, the nodes rely on a transaction that is stored on the Cardano chain that provides era markers with the associated activations epochs for the eras.

🔥 Activating this feature will require an update of configuration of the signer nodes after updating their binary:

  • The ERA_READER_ADAPTER_TYPE env var must be set to cardano-chain
  • The ERA_READER_ADAPTER_PARAMS env var must be set to the result of the command jq -nc --arg address $(wget -q -O - **YOUR_ERA_READER_ADDRESS**) --arg verification_key $(wget -q -O - **YOUR_ERA_READER_VERIFICATION_KEY**) '{"address": $address, "verification_key": $verification_key}' (the YOUR_ERA_READER_ADDRESS and YOUR_ERA_READER_VERIFICATION_KEY are values provided in the networks configuration matrix)

Here is the configuration values that should be used on pre-release-preview:


Here is the configuration values that should be used on release-preprod:


All these information will be available at the updated Run a Mithril Signer node (SPO) guide.

Here is a schema that illustrates the era switch behavior: Era Switch Schema

More information is also available at this ADR.

Feel free to reach out to us on the Discord channel for questions and/or help.