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· 2 min read

Update 2023/07/30: The first certificates and snapshots have been produced by the release-mainnet network!

Update 2023/07/25: The Genesis certificate of the release-mainnet network has been successfully created.

Mithril Protocol’s Mainnet Beta is launched 🚀

The Mithril team is thrilled to announce that the Mithril Protocol’s Mainnet Beta is launched 🎉

Here are the next steps that we will follow in order to get the release-mainnet network producing its first certificates:

  1. Open the first signers registrations on the release-mainnet network (1 epoch).
  2. Create the genesis certificate of the release-mainnet network (1 epoch).
  3. Wait for the first certificates to be produced by the release-mainnet network.

Mainnet Beta Launch Timeline

This is an expected timeline, in case of modification, we will amend this post with a new one.

Also, the documentation has been updated with the configuration of the release-mainnet network. It is available here.


As a Cardano SPO, before being able to setup a Mithril signer on the mainnet, it is required to complete the step 2 of the SPO onboarding guide

Feel free to reach out to us on the Discord channel for questions and/or help.

· 2 min read

The new Mithril Signer Deployment Models for SPOs will be introduced soon

Epic: Prepare Mithril Signer deployment model for SPO #862

⚠️ The Mithril Signer Deployment Models is not deployed yet to the pre-release-preview and release-preprod network. A special announcement will be made on the moria Discord channel when a new release candidate distribution is ready.

All these information will be available at the updated Run a Mithril Signer node (SPO) guide. In the mean time, a preview of the Mithril signer setup with the production deployment model is available here. In the new production deployment model, a new Mithril Relay has been introduced and requires an extra setup effort versus the naive deployment model that is currently ran by the pioneer SPOs on the Mithril test networks.


We strongly encourage the volunteer SPOs to test the production deployment (once it is available of the pre-release-preview network) and to give us their feedback on the setup (clarity of the documentation, if you needed some fixes to make it work, ...).

Here is the schema of the production deployment for the mainnet: Production Mithril Signer Deployment Model

and the schema of the naive deployment only for the testnet: Naive Mithril Signer Deployment Model

Feel free to reach out to us on the Discord channel for questions and/or help.