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User manual

Welcome to the Mithril user manual!

Let's discover Mithril in less than five minutes.


A Mithril network consists of three main components:

  • Mithril aggregator:

This node coordinates the production of the Cardano snapshot archives, working alongside Mithril signer and Cardano nodes to generate associated certificates using Mithril multi-signatures.

  • Mithril signer:

This node is responsible for producing individual signatures, which are then combined into a multi-signature by the Mithril aggregator. It operates in conjunction with a Cardano node (run by a stake pool operator (SPO)) holding stake in the network.

  • Mithril client:

This node verifies and restores a snapshot, facilitating lightning-fast bootstrapping of a Cardano full node. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficiency of the network.


For more information about the Mithril protocol, see this section about Mithril.

Get started

To get started with the setup, make sure you have the following components and tools:

Having these requirements in place will enable you to proceed smoothly with the setup and configuration for your project.

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