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User Manual

Welcome to the Mithril user manual!

Let's discover Mithril in less than 5 minutes.


A Mithril Network is composed of 3 main components:

  • Mithril Aggregator:

This node is in charge of coordinating the production of the Cardano snapshot archives (along with the associated certificates powered by Mithril multi signatures) by interacting with Mithril Signer nodes and a Cardano node.

  • Mithril Signer:

This node is in charge of producing single signatures that are then combined into a multi signature by the Mithril Aggregator. It works side by side with a Cardano node that has stakes in the network (Stake Pool Operator or SPO).

  • Mithril Client:

This node is in charge of verifying and restoring a snapshot that will allow a lightning fast bootstrapping of a Cardano full node.


For more information about the Mithril Protocol, please refer to the About Mithril section.

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