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Version: Current

Mithril network architecture

  • The current Mithril network relies on a single aggregator. However, the team is working on a more decentralized version, where multiple aggregators will operate within the same Mithril network.

Architecture diagramā€‹


Mithril nodesā€‹

The network is composed of the following nodes:

The trustless node that orchestrates the work of the Mithril signer nodes, gathering their individual signatures to produce Mithril multi-signatures and their associated certificates. The aggregator is also in charge of creating and storing the ledger state snapshot archives.

The node that works transparently on top of the stake pool operator's Cardano node and individually signs the Cardano chain state.

The node used to restore artifacts produced by a Mithril aggregator. It then employs Mithril cryptographic primitives to verify their authenticity and validity.

  • Mithril relay:

A forward proxy that is used to secure communications between the Mithril signer and the Mithril aggregator. More information is available in the Mithril signer deployment model section.


For more information about the Mithril protocol, read about Mithril.