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Mithril network architecture

For more information about the Mithril protocol, read about Mithril.


Currently, the Mithril network operates as a collection of nodes responsible for generating snapshots and certificates, facilitating the fast bootstrapping of a Cardano node. This network functions on top of the Cardano network.

The role of a Mithril network is to enable end users to restore a full Cardano node in less than two hours.

The network is composed of three nodes:

The trustless node that orchestrates the work of the Mithril signer nodes, gathering their individual signatures to produce Mithril multi-signatures and their associated certificates. The aggregator is also in charge of creating and storing the ledger state snapshot archive.

The node that works transparently on top of the stake pool operator's Cardano node and individually signs the ledger state.

The node used to restore a Cardano full node by retrieving a remote snapshot and its certificate chain from a Mithril aggregator. It then employs Mithril cryptographic primitives to verify their authenticity and validity.

Architecture overview

  • This document is subject to change as it is a work in progress.
  • The team is currently working on further decentralizing the network architecture.