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Mithril Client Node

Welcome to the Mithril Client Node guide!



The Mithril Client node is used to restore a Cardano full node by retrieving, from a Mithril Aggregator, a remote snapshot, its certificate chain and by verifying their validity thanks to the Mithril cryptographic primitives.



At a first glance, a Mithril Client can be used by any user that needs to restore and bootstrap rapidly a Cardano full node:

  • A full node wallet such as Daedalus
  • A node operator (SPO, Exchange, Dapp)

On the long run, the Mithril Client is intended to be incorporated in Light Clients and Wallets.

Snapshot Artifacts Retrieval

The first operation that a Mithril Client does is to retrieve snapshot artifacts from a remote source.

The Mithril Aggregator is used as a provider for the Snapshots (at least their locations).

This is done upon a manual action of a user that has previously selected the snapshot to use (if multiple are available).

These artifacs are stored locally on a temporary location, are uncompressed if necessary and used to compute the message that should have been computed and signed by the Mithril Signers.

Snapshot Verification

Along with the snapshot artifacts, the Mithril Client will download the associated Certificate Chain and for each Mithril Certificate verify that (in the following order):

  1. The certificate is not tampered (by computing its hash and verifying that is is the same as the one used for downloading it).
  2. The locally computed message is the same as in the certificate.
  3. The multi signature of the certificate is valid and computed with the certificate message.
  4. The stake distribution used to compute the multi signature is signed:
    • Into a multi signature of a previous certificate of the chain (if there is one available).
    • Or by a valid Genesis Certificate (in case this is the first certificate of the chain).

The Mithril Aggregator is used as a provider for the Certificate Chain.


For more information about the Mithril Certificate Chain, please refer to the Certificate Chain page.

Snapshot Restoration

Once the snapshot artifacts are verified, the Mithril Client node will move them from the temporary location to the final (user specified) location.

At this point, the Cardano Node will take over, start using the artifacts. and hopefully start addng new blocks to the ledger!