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About Mithril


🆕 Interact with the Mithril Protocol by experiencing with our protocol simulation. This will help you understand how the participants interact to create a multi signature and what's the impact of the protocol parameters.

Mithril in a nutshell

Mithril is a research project which goal is to provide Stake-based Threshold Multisignatures on top of the Cardano Network.

In a nutshell, Mithril can be summarized as:

A protocol that allows stakeholders in a Proof-of-Stake blockchain network to individually sign messages that are aggregated into a multi signature which guarantees that they represent a minimum share of the total stakes.

In other words, an adversarial participant with less than this share of the total stakes will not be able to produce valid multi signatures 🔐.

What you'll find in this guide

In this About Mithril guide, you will find:


If you need help, feel free to reach the Mithril team: