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Update: The PR has been merged and the feature is being deployed on the GCP Mithril Aggregator.

This afternoon, we plan to merge the PR that activates the Genesis Certificate feature on the GCP Mithril Aggregator​

PR: Implement Real Genesis Certificate #438

Issue: Bootstrap Certificate Chain w/ Genesis Certificate #364

This will involve some manual operations that will prevent temporarily the service to be running:

  • We will have to reset the stores of the Snapshots and Certificates. This means that the Mithril Explorer will display a No snapshot available message.

  • The Mithril Signers will have to wait until the next epoch #30 to be able to sign. This means that we should see the first available Snapshot 1 hour after the epoch transition.

The SPOs that are currently running a Mithril Signer will have to recompile their node in order ot take advantage of the latest improvements (such as the registration of the nodes that will take few minutes instead of few hours). However, the previously compiled node will be able to contribute to signatures.

In order to restore a Mithril Snapshot, a Mithril Client will now need access to the Genesis Verification Key by adding an environment variable when running: GENESIS_VERIFICATION_KEY=$(wget -q -O -

Feel free to reach out to us on the Discord channel for questions and/or help.